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Tattoo-Inspired Device for Monitoring Vital Signs

Getting inked or having a tattoo is just one form of body modifications. It is already a fad nowadays among both the young and the old. Having ink inserted into the dermis layer of the skin using a needle is for sure a painful procedure.

A lot of people might not understand why some are willing to go through to this painstaking sensation. But for some people who drive to get tattoos, they say that it is merely one way of expressing their love for beauty, art, or fashion. Others may associate deeper meanings to the images and text they choose to engrave on their body like signal group affiliation and commitment, spirituality and cultural tradition, individuality, etc.  

Because of the tattoo’s popularity nowadays, modern medicine likewise invented a medical instrument that comes in a form of temporary tattoo. The so called tiny electronic sensor used to monitor vital signs was recently featured in Time Healthland.  This new diagnostic tool is made from water-soluble plastic and was invented by Science Team of University of Illinois headed by Todd Coleman (electrical and computer engineer). This tiny electronic medical device, which is simply mounted on the skin with water and appears like an ultrathin tattoo patch, is said to be a good alternative for EEG or EMG sensors. It can track the activities of the body nerves and muscles, which determines the person’s vital signs.  

The said sensor for monitoring vital signs is much less bulky at the same time does not need tape or gel or wires, making it much more comfortable for patient. It is also claimed that this diagnostic tool is much better than conventional hospital medical equipment.

*note: image is taken using google image search engine