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Trans Fat Rich Foods: Tips to Avoid Them

We often hear or read the word trans fats. But how much do we really know about it? So for the benefits of other, I consulted Mr. Wikipedia regarding trans fat and according to this web-based encyclopedia, it is the common name for unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acids. In short, they are the type of fatty acids that offer no health benefits to the body. And when the often indulge in trans-fat-heavy food, it only increases the possibility to develop serious health problems and heart disease is one of them. This is exactly the reason why healthcare professionals who often appear in a nice scrubs uniform along with a good blood pressure device keep on telling everyone to avoid diets that are high in trans fat in order to preserve a good quality of life.

What are these foods that doctors in scrubs uniform often classified as rich in trans fat? 

Deep-Fried Meals from Fast Foods                                                                                         

An average portion of French fries (170g) has 30 grams of fat while a regular hamburger with condiments, veggies, and no mayonnaise has more than 13 grams of fat

Quick to Cook Foods                                                            

The whole Marie Callender’s (33 oz) chicken pot pie contains 22 grams of fat

Packaged Foods                                                                                                                      

Baked Goods                                                                                                                          

Cakes, cookies, and other baked goods are the major food sources of trans fat for American adults

Chips and Crackers                                                                  

Corn chips, potato chips, and tortilla contain great amount of trans fat and shortenings to preserve crisp texture

Toppings and Dips                                                                                                             

In one serving of Kraft thousand island dressing has 12 grams of fat

And what is the best way to avoid trans fat rich food? Well, healthcare professionals who regularly wear scrubs uniform suggest that you should cook as much food as possible from raw materials. But for instances when you cannot control yourself craving of the foods mentioned above, the best thing you can do to at least lessen your trans fat consumption is to look for products that have low trans fat or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. And don’t forget to always read the label of every goods or product when buying so that you will always be aware of their trans fat content.